Jared Pendergraft

Let’s create something great together!

I’m not currently looking for any full-time work but feel free to view my résumé to get a little more information about my background.

I’m always interested in creative freelance opportunities—if you'd like to work together send me an email.

My Creative Process

While each project requires different approaches to problem-solving, here are a few examples of common ways I approach design challenges:

Initial Discovery & Research

Figure out what we’re building and what problems we’re trying to solve.

Style & Tone

Explore visual ideas and establish the voice of the project.

Present Ideas & Determine Constraints

Finalize approval of visual direction and confirm what was designed can be built.

Finalize Architecture & Build

Confirm our design supports established content models and begin development.

Test, Optimize & Iterate

Perform A/B testing when applicable to confirm assumptions, optimize content for best performance, and determine what can be improved in the next cycle.