Jared Pendergraft


I’m a multi-disciplinary designer focusing on the intersection of design and development. I enjoy building out designs to fully-functional front-end code—bridging the gap between design and development seamlessly.

I’m looking for a creative position that offers challenges, collaboration and mentorship, with an ability to work on projects that impact the world positively.


  • I’m a thorough thinker who approaches design challenges holistically—I build solutions from beginning to end with extensibility and modularity in mind.
  • I care deeply about how something works as much as its outward appearance—I love to tinker and am always looking to improve, optimize and scale my ideas.
  • I’m a lifelong learner who’s always looking to reposition my opinions to reflect new information and become a well-informed, kinder human.
  • When I work with others it’s about listening and sharing in the creation of new ideas—the things we make together are always better when we collaborate.


  • Responsive Web Design: screens are everywhere, web things should scale and squish and transform to meet the challenges of modern day devices.
  • User Experience: screens must be intuitive and a joy to use, the interfaces and experiences should reflect this above all else.
  • Branding & Identity: brands are built around how they look, how they speak, and how they make you feel—hopefully all three.
  • Project Management: every project consists of many moving parts, each piece must be overseen and nurtured to contribute to a successful whole.


  • Content Management: Jekyll, Shopify, Wordpress
  • CSS/HTML/JS: LESS, SASS, jQuery, React, Vue
  • UI/UX: Adobe Suite, Prototyping, Sketch, User Research
  • Version Control: Git, Subversion


Pacific University

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design & Video Production
2007 • Forest Grove, OR


Education Advanced, Inc.

Director of UI/UX Development
Currently • Remote

  • Directs the user-experience and user-interface of multiple applications within the company.
  • Manages multiple design systems and provides thorough documentation and continous evolution of systems.
  • Builds static and interactive demos to test new ideas in mutiple environments.
  • Collaborates with Creative Director on multiple brand elements and creative projects.
  • Contributes to front-end development efforts for multiple applications within the company.

OTTO Health

Designer & Front-End Developer
2017 • Remote

  • Developed a robust design system to support complete application redesign.
  • Improved application UI/UX focusing on consistency between views and a holistic user experience.
  • Collaborated with a team of developers on all aspects of the front-end of the application including development of React components and views as well as the CSS of the application.

Kontur Labs

Creative Director & Front-End Developer
2013–2017 • Maui, HI

  • Managed and oversaw all creative projects including websites and iOS/Android applications.
  • Collaborated on UI/UX, finalized designs and built out production-level CSS/HTML.
  • Consulted on large-scale SaaS projects, offering semantic CSS/HTML recommendations.

Kaiser Permanente

Graphic Designer
2009–2013 • Portland, OR

  • Created and maintained collateral for Kaiser Permanente on a national level and while designing within Kaiser Permanente’s brand guidelines.
  • Artwork imposition for offset press, plate ordering and press-checks, as well as providing final approval before artwork was printed.
  • Examples of projects produced include: facility posters and banners, patient forms, promotional materials, direct-mail pieces and package design.

Education Northwest

Graphic Designer
2007–2009 • Portland, OR

  • Designed and prepared educational materials for education coordinators who implemented government-sponsored education plans across the country.
  • Established a process for materials development and enforced brand and identity guidelines for all pieces.
  • Managed the completion of all creative projects and worked with outside vendors to produce final materials.


Jared is an exceptional worker and person. I felt very lucky to have the chance to work with him while at Kontur Labs. He is honest, knowledgable and delivers quality results. Everything he does is done with integrity as he cares about the work he puts out into the world. He has a great sense of humor and is a great team player. Our office called him the unicorn as he is the unique combination of designer and coder.

I would highly recommend Jared to anyone looking for an art director, designer or developer.

— Bristol Dunlap

I hired Jared to design the Playbill for our big summer show, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, in addition to a variety of advertisements, both print and digital, and other marketing material. Jared did a superb job and delivered all the materials well ahead of his deadlines. He made it all look easy. Prior to this, Jared and I were co-workers at Kontur Labs for two years, where he demonstrated the same level of professionalism, talent and expertise. He is one of the few designers I’ve met who also understands programming and the world of code.

I continue to collaborate with Jared as projects come up. I recommend him highly for any endeavor that requires a talented and well trained designer.

— Peter Liu

As a designer at Kontur Labs, and also as a contract designer for hire, Jared demonstrated a consistent ability to design creative and purpose driven experiences. Initially, he was hired as a visual designer but we soon discovered he is actually a hybrid of UX, visual design and front end dev.

When working within the constraints of an agency contract, there isn’t often budget for usability testing and extensive customer discovery. Jared was able compensate by leveraging best practices and low budget user testing to make sure his designs were accomplishing the desired goals.

His ability to “design with code” allowed us to pick up considerable speed in the “design to HTML” creation phases of our projects. We were able to remove hours spent wire framing and working with a visual designer and go right form IA, content curation/gathering and sketches into HTML and CSS.

This resulted in a boost in profitability of our agency contracts. Furthermore, he would test his HTML/CSS for browser compatibility before handing off to engineering. This allowed us to spend less time on quality assurance.

Jared is also a change agent. He is constantly expanding his skill sets and encouraged us to use new tools and explore new ways of working together that were more collaborative—not just as a team but with our clients. He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him as an addition to any agency or product team.

— Alexis Wogan