Jared Pendergraft


I love developing identities, improving branding systems and creating fantastic web things. Whether starting from scratch or improving usability, I’m passionate about making projects clean and functional.


  • I’m a thorough thinker who approaches design challenges holistically — I build solutions from beginning to end with extensibility and modularity in mind.
  • I care deeply about how something works as much as its outward appearance — I love to tinker and am always looking to improve, optimize and scale my ideas.
  • I’m a lifelong learner who’s always looking to reposition my opinions to reflect new information and become a well-informed, kinder human.
  • When I work with others it’s about listening and sharing in the creation of new ideas — the things we make together are always better when we collaborate.


  • Responsive Web Design — screens are everywhere, web things should scale and squish and transform to meet the challenges of modern day devices.
  • User Experience — screens must be intuitive and a joy to use, the interfaces and experiences should reflect this above all else.
  • Branding & Identity — brands are built around how they look, how they speak, and how they make you feel — hopefully all three.
  • Project Management — every project consists of many moving parts, each piece must be overseen and nurtured to contribute to a successful whole.


  • Content Management (Grunt, Gulp, Jekyll, Shopify, Wordpress)
  • CSS/HTML/JS (LESS, SASS, jQuery)
  • UI/UX (Adobe Suite, Prototyping, Sketch, User Research)
  • Version Control (Git, Subversion)


Pacific University

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design & Video Production
2007 • Forest Grove, OR


Kontur Labs

Creative Director and Front-End Developer
2013–Present • Maui, HI

  • Management and oversight of all creative projects including websites and iOS/Android applications.
  • Collaborates on UI/UX, finalizes design and builds out production-level CSS/HTML.
  • Consults on large-scale SaaS projects, offering semantic CSS/HTML recommendations.

Kaiser Permanente

Graphic Designer
2009–2013 • Portland, OR

  • Created and maintained collateral for Kaiser Permanente on a national level and while designing within Kaiser Permanente’s brand guidelines.
  • Artwork imposition for offset press, plate ordering and press-checks, as well as providing final approval before artwork was printed.
  • Examples of projects produced include: facility posters and banners, patient forms, promotional materials, direct-mail pieces and package design.

Education Northwest

Graphic Designer
2007–2009 • Portland, OR

  • Designed and prepared educational materials for education coordinators who implemented government-sponsored education plans across the country.
  • Established a process for materials development and enforced brand and identity guidelines for all pieces.
  • Managed the completion of all creative projects and worked with outside vendors to produce final materials.


I’m a designer and illustrator that has had the pleasure of working with Jared closely on digital web design and UI/UX projects for the last year. We have a running joke in the office that Jared is a unicorn. Its mildly true though. Jared is a quick thinker and thoughtful communicator that consistently presents clever solutions. His skill set is impressive and seemingly limitless as he is adept at the intuitive, aesthetic, and functional dimensions of what makes a great digital experience. It’s a delight working with someone that blends a love for technology and clean, effective design. I learn something new with every project we work together and I have fun along the way. Jared has a great sense of humor and is a respectable family man. I’ve considered myself very lucky to work with such a bright, professional individual and would highly recommend the opportunity to collaborate with him. Bristol Dunlap

Jared is one of the few rare individuals I’ve encountered who embodies the creative abilities of an artist and the solution-oriented capabilities of software programmer. This combination makes him uniquely suited to tasks that require both a design mindset as well as a developer one — something that usually requires two people. The fact that he enjoys both the art and the programming is an even bigger plus. Jared approaches his projects with an innate ability to apply design thinking while being mindful of usability concerns, which results in a very elegant product. He is very diligent and thorough in his work. The more time he is given, the better the results will be. In addition, Jared is a genuinely nice person and a great pleasure to work with. He would be a major asset in any organization. I recommend him highly in any position that can utilize his talents and abilities to their full potential. Peter Liu