Jared Pendergraft


An identity and website for Hawaii’s first early-stage technology fund.

UI/UX Design & Front-End Development
mbloom Feature Image

mbloom is Hawaii’s first early-stage technology fund focused on investing in teams working to improve the world with revolutionary technologies. Our task was to establish a professional website and mature the brand.

Our goal was to position the company as knowledgable and welcoming to early-stage companies seeking advice about entering into investment circles. We wanted to demystify funding and offer advice to those starting out.

We expanded the color palette to include two primary colors and introduced Gotham Rounded and Sentinel to establish, a professional, inviting tone.

Friendly illustrations peppered throughout the site strengthen the core message of inclusion and help round out the new brand positioning very well.


mbloom logo

Primary logo.

mbloom illustrations

Brand illustrations used throughout the site and secondary branded materials.


mbloom home page

The goal of the home page was to let users know exactly who mbloom was and what they stood for. Keeping pertinent contact information as clear calls to action relayed the idea that there are people behind the fund who want to help.

mbloom children pages

The about page focused on educating users a bit more about the history of mbloom and how they invest. The portfolio and team pages needed to be easy to glance over to find appropriate information for users.