Jared Pendergraft


An application concept for booking local tour guides to take you on exciting adventures.

UI/UX Design
Kipa Feature Image

In Maui, a lot of tourists visit the island to take in surfing, hiking and other outdoor activities, often booking tours through resorts or other ‘pay a little, go with a lot of people’ experiences. We saw the potential to change that—hire a local expert and see what the locals see—leaving the island with a one-of-a-kind experience worth sharing with friends.

Kipa offers a platform for local tour guides to post their services and get hired for one-on-one tours or tours with you and a few of your friends. The goal with the interface was to get as much information to potential customers about what to expect on a tour, make booking as easy as possible and offer a clear communication channel to the guides, who often are meeting customers for the first time when they give the tour. After a tour is complete, guides can capture a rating from the customer and finalize payment processing.

Kipa is still under development but the long-term goals for the platform are to make the service available all over the world, expanding past outdoor activities to more personal experiences like booking a local in Portland to take you to the city’s best coffee and book shops.

Kipa landing screen Kipa filters screen Kipa trip details

Finding a fun activity had to be dead simple, just enter the location and when you arrive and you’ll immediately find lots of great options ordered by price range. Once you find an activity that interests you—easily book your trip.

Kipa booking screen 1 Kipa booking screen 2 Kipa booking successful message

Booking a trip with special instructions is super easy, making the process as user-focused as possible was very important. Book a lot of trips? Save your credit card information for later. You can also easily share details of your trip with friends or add to your calendar of choice.

Kipa messages Kipa profile

After you book a trip all communication with your trip provider is done in-app, making conversations feel natural and fluid. Also, easily edit account details via your profile.