Jared Pendergraft

Huŏ Ceramics

An identity and website for award-winning Chinese artist Zhou Xiaoping.

UI/UX Design & Front-End Development
Huŏ Ceramics Feature Image

Huŏ Ceramics was a small-scale project with a lot of personality. We were given the opportunity to create an identity and website for renowned Chinese artist Zhou Xiaoping — an honored and awarded Chinese traditional crafts master whose singular pieces are collected and revered world-wide.

He was primarily selling his pieces through small collector’s circles but wanted to reach a broader audience. Our solution was a modern identity and simple website focusing on the details of each piece.


The brand is inspired by both Zhou’s refined firing technique and his role as the sole flame preserving the celadon technique.

Because the pieces are all of varying sizes, it was important to focus on a compact brand mark that provided equal contrast on either light or dark backgrounds — even at small sizes.

In addition to the above brand mark a series of illustrations were developed to accompany printed materials shipped with the products.

Huŏ Ceramics logo

Primary logo.

Huŏ Ceramics illustrations

Illustrations compliment the brand mark and represent the variety of forms the pieces take.

Huŏ Ceramics business cards

Application of logo on business cards.


The website focuses on showcasing the pieces with bold images set in high contrast. Celadon ceramics emphasize small cracks and imperfect textures — we wanted to bring attention to these subtle details by focusing on specific angles while also remaining a bit mysterious.

While viewing individual products, we drop some of the contrast to focus on details and allow customers to get a sense of the craftsmanship that goes into every piece.

Huŏ Ceramics home page

The homepage was designed to be mysterious and engaging—encouraging users to take a closer look.

Huŏ Ceramics product page

Large pictures were used to emphasize detail and ambiance. Legibility was a strong consideration and we focused on making mobile work flawlessly.

Huŏ Ceramics about page

Prior to the website being available, little was known about the artist—we used this to our advantage to create an atmosphere of mystery.